PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: As an investor, you choose real estate for cash flow and potential long-term capital gain on property. However, well managed properties that appreciate in value do not just happen—rather, they are the result of aggressive management, careful long-range planning, and daily supervision. REACOR assumes this responsibility for its clients. With its knowledge of the real estate market, REACOR works to maximize a property’s cash flow. Its professionals have the expertise and the resources to protect and enhance the client’s investments, and they invest the time to do so. The result is an enviable track record of building performance that spans over a decade. Tenant relations are viewed with respect. REACOR’s professionals are available, visible, and respond quickly and appropriately to the needs expressed.

MANAGERIAL AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: REACOR thoroughly reviews properties it manages, and tailors services to meet the investors’ specific objectives. Regular communication, along with timely, accurate reports are inherent in the service REACOR provides. Comprehensive services include:
  • preparation of an annual operating budget
  • rent collections, payment of expenses, bank reconciliations, and variance reports
  • regular financial analysis and building inspection reports
  • recommendations for capital improvements and rent schedules
  • hiring/training/supervision of management/maintenance personnel

MANAGEMENT FROM AN INVESTOR’S VIEWPOINT: The professionals at REACOR understand the importance of preserving, and ultimately enhancing, asset value through effective, dedicated management. This is why they manage every client’s property, whether it be an apartment community, office building, industrial facility, or shopping center, with the same owner oriented approach with which they manage their own properties.